Welcome to Advantage U for University of Utah Retirees (PPO)

With so many Medicare coverage options out there, it can be hard to know which plan to choose.
Thankfully, there’s a plan you can trust that was born right in our backyard, created for U of U Retirees like you. A new plan developed by Utahns with extensive health care experience and a dedication to providing Utahns like you with affordable coverage, benefits designed with you in mind and a network of doctors and hospitals you already know and trust.    That plan is Advantage U for University of Utah Retirees.

Advantage U for University of Utah Retirees (PPO) is available for Medicare beneficiaries that are eligible retirees of the University of Utah residing in Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, and Weber Counties.

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During the national public health emergency period, Screening and/or testing for COVID-19 is covered in-network and out-of-network for a $0 copay.

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Advantage U Signature (PPO) includes

  • Hospital and Medical Coverage

    Advantage U offers the $0 Premium Advantage U Signature (PPO) plan.

    • $0 Monthly Premium (you must continue to pay your Part B Premium)
    • $0 Copay for In-network Primary Care Physician (PCP)
    • $25 Copay for In-network Specialist Visit
    For a complete listing of benefits please see Summary of Benefits.

  • Prescription Drug Coverage

    Our plan features a formulary (or drug list) with a broad number of prescription drugs on Tier 1 and Tier 2, so you can save more.

    See Summary of Benefits for additional prescription drug coverage information.

    Retail Cost-Sharing
    Tier 30-Day Supply 60-Day Supply 100-Day Supply
    Tier 1 (Preferred Generics) $3 copay $6 copay $0 copay
    Tier 2 (Generics) $10 copay $20 copay $20 copay
    Tier 3 (Preferred Brands) $47 copay $94 copay $141 copay
    Tier 4 (Non-Preferred Brands) $100 copay $200 copay $300 copay
    Tier 5 (Specialty Medications) 29% coinsurance Not offered Not Offered

    Senior Savings Model: For Select Insulins, $28 copay for 30-day supply is applicable in the Deductible, Initial Coverage and Coverage Gap phases of the Part D Benefit.

  • Dental

    Our plan includes preventive dental coverage with a $0 copay and comprehensive dental coverage for fillings, extractions, crowns, implants or adjunctive periodontal care. Up to $1,500 annual benefit for comprehensive coverage. Authorization rules apply.

    See Summary of Benefits for additional dental benefits.

  • Vision

    We offer a $0 copay for routine vision exam along with coverage for eyeglasses or contact lenses ($120 limit on eyeglasses and contacts).

    See Summary of Benefits for additional vision benefits.

    Search Eye Doctors

  • Hearing

    Our plan includes a $0 copay for routine hearing exams through TruHearing along with hearing aid coverage.

    See Summary of Benefits for additional hearing benefits.

  • Fitness

    Enjoy a Fitness Center Membership to participating fitness centers and choose to receive Home Fitness Kits.

    You can visit a participating fitness center near you. You also have access to a variety of Home Fitness Kits.

    The Silver&Fit® program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH). Silver&Fit® is a federally registered trademark of ASH and used with permission herein. Kits are subject to change. Participating facilities and fitness chains may vary by location and are subject to change.

  • Over-the-Counter (OTC)

    With our plan, members receive a $30 allowance each quarter to use for the purchase of select OTC products.

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Questions about Advantage U?

  • If you have questions, call toll-free
  • Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm MST
  • Toll-free: 1-833-951-4345 (TTY: 711)
  • Utah: 801-792-3268
  • If you are calling from April 1 through September 30, alternate technologies (for example, voicemail) will be used on weekends and holidays. Leave a message and your call will be returned the next business day.

Medicare Disclaimer

University of Utah Health Insurance Plans is a PPO with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in University of Utah Health Insurance Plans depends on contract renewal. Out-of-network/noncontracted providers are under no obligation to treat Advantage U members, except in emergency situations. Please call our customer service number or see your Evidence of Coverage for more information, including the cost- sharing that applies to out-of-network services. For accommodations of persons with special needs at meetings call 801-792-3268 (TTY 711).

Last Updated: 10/01/2022

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